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Your holiday starts right when you step on board. At travelorama we take the extra mile to make sure your flight is as special like the rest of your time away from home. Travelorama partners with all airlines who fly in and out of the UK. We also specialize in budget airlines such as Easyjet, Rayan Air, TUI to name a few.


With the current climate, the most competitive markets in the travel industry have been airfares. When it comes to booking flights you have come to the best place. At travelorama we have dedicated specialist for first class and business class travel, Multi-stop travel, round the world travel and group travel.


Our reservation experts will strive there utter best to find the cheapest fare for our valued customers always. With our well-experienced reservation team, we will offer you alternative fares as a suggestion to choose from price.. Are lines are open 24/7 and dedicated customer support is on offer anytime.  Explore the world for less




Please retain and print your e-ticket document, as you will need it to be able to board the aircraft.

  • Always check in plenty of your time for your flight. We recommend a check-in time at the airport of 3 hours prior to the designated departure time for International flights and 2 hours prior for domestic flights.
  • Remember to take a valid passport with you in addition to the travel ticket and documentation.
  • Ensure you have a valid visa (if required) for the countries you are visiting.
  • Contact us 72 hours before departure to check that your flight is planned to depart according to schedule. Once your journey has started please Re-confirm the schedule of your return flight by calling the local office of your airline.
  • Ensure that your check-in baggage and hand baggage are within the permitted airline allowance and do not include any prohibited items.




*Please take time to read the below terms & conditions fully. As they are the terms and conditions under which Travelorama offers it’s services to you, our customers.


The terms “Travelorama” and “We” means Renaissance Travel and Tourism trading as “Travelorama” a company registered in England and Wales, company number 11627035. Travelorama act as an agent for a number of suppliers who offer a variety of services for Customers.


The services offered by TRAVELORAMA in branch or over the phone are the services offered by a number of third parties to the general public or via agents, such as Travelorama.


Some of these third-party providers providethe actual transportation services by means of air, road, rail, and sea as well as other third-party providers offering temporary accommodation services such as hotels and serviced apartments. By placing an order in the branch or over the phone, you expressly understand that Travelorama is providing agency services and charges a fee (included in the quoted price) in order to bring together all the services of the third party suppliers. For the avoidance of doubt, the third part providers supply their respective services for which Travelorama has no control. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Travelorama accepts no liability for the acts or omissions (things that should or should not be done) of such third party suppliers but will work to minimize disruption for customers and work to resolve any problems you may have with your purchased services or Order.


The following definitions apply to below Terms and Conditions:




Agency’ Services is like the presentation of information by Travelorama relating to the services offered by Third Party Suppliers to eligible members of the public residing in the United Kingdom. The presentation of such information by Travelorama is made by the following means :


(i)  telephone and (ii) in person at one of our branches.


Booking’ means where a customer has placed an order with Travelorama  which has been reviewed and accepted by Travelorama and is subject to these Terms and Conditions. ‘Customer means a member of the public residing in mainland The United Kingdom who places an order for Agency Services by telephone or in a person in our branch.


Order’ means where a customer confirms that they would like to proceed with using the agency services if Travelorama by confirming with travel consultant over the phone Or confirming in person that you would like to proceed with you chosen agency services specifically referred to as a brand order or confirming by email.


Prospective customer’ means a member of the public of the public residing in

mainland United Kingdom who is desirous of, or contemplating placing an order for Agency services by telephone or email or in person in our office.


Required Documentation’ means a valid passport or valid travel documents, Visa, booking confirmations and other documents required by Travelorama and the Third Party Suppliers in order for you to commence your trip.


Terms and Conditions’ means these general terms and conditions which are applicable each time you place an order.


Third Party Supplier’ means a supplier of services, such as an airline or hotel provider displayed in an email or informed to you in person or on the telephone. The customer undertakes (agrees) to give the required details of all travelers as required by Travelorama, including full legal names, dates of birth, gender, nationalities, and other details as accurately recorded on the passport or other travel documents as is required and demanded for using the Third Party Supplier’s service.


The customer REMAINS FULLY RESPONSIBLE for any costs (incurred by Travelorama or a Third Party Supplier) by inaccurately giving the names or other details of the travelers, including capitalization requirements or abbreviations of full names as details in travel document.


In placing an order, be it a branch order, telephone order or Emil order, the customer acknowledges their own responsibility for such errors or mistakes and any resulting costs, inconvenience or cancellation of a booking resulting from such errors or mistakes of the Customer.




This cancellation policy applies to all Branch orders, telephone orders and email orders.


Changes and Cancellations by the Customer


Where you have placed an order and wish to cancel or change the order, you must immediately or as soon as possible contact Travelorama on +44 (0) 191 3481520 / 21.


Travelorama will work to accommodate your needs subject to the previous below. You can also email us at Info@travelorama.co.uk, but you are strongly advised to call us so we are able to discuss your options with you. Such charges or Cancellations are usually subject to cancellation fees and also the charges of Third Party Suppliers, depending on the time before departure.


Where an order is cancelled by the customer, any charges or fees levied by a Third Party Supplier, as well as the administrative costs of Travelorama, set out below will be deducted from any refund amount provided to you. In some instances of Cancellation, and where a departure date is less than 14 days, Third Party Suppliers will typically retain 100% of the fees paid and not offer any partial refund. Some Third-Party Suppliers impose amendment fees or upgrade fees which will need to be met by the Customer in full. Any card processing fee levied on placing your order is, in all circumstances, non-refundable.


Travelorama Administration Fees for Cancellations and Amendments


Travelorama will deduct an administrative amount to meet TRAVELORAMA’s own costs of processing a refund or processing an amendment as follows:









*Your hotel will typically have its own cancellation policy which Travelorama will advise you before booking or confirming. If requested by the customer, If there is a cancellation fee payable, it will be applied per room and not per person and not per booking cancellation fee. TRAVELORAMA will pass on to you any such policies or charges that the hotel has imposed in relation to cancellation. Be aware that in many locations, the Hotel will not refund.




Refunds can take as long as 6-8 weeks to process and may in some instances, take longer depending on your method of payment. The processing time is beyond the control of Travelorama as Travelorama has to receive the return of funds from Third Party Suppliers who may be located in territories where money processing rules or banking infrastructure is such that a refund will take several days or weeks to clear to Travelorama. Any refund amounts will be issued back using the Account transfer only.


Low-cost flights in economy class usually have a no-refund policy for cancellations (imposed by the Third Party Supplier Airline). Unfortunately, such policies are beyond the control of Travelorama and you are strongly advised to purchase a transferable ticket and take out adequate travel insurance if you amend or cancel your flight. You are advised to contact the airline to try and make amendments or cancellations to your flights, but it should be understood by all Customers that the nature of low-cost flight tickets is their inflexible nature and lack of the refund policy.




In the event that you fail to attend a flight by the required check-in time specified by the relevant Third Party Supplier (Airline) , You and all travelers will be deemed as ‘NO SHOW’. In such instances, NO REFUND from Travelorama or the Third party supplier will be provided. It remains the responsibility of the Customer to reach the airport in sufficient time to meet a flight departure. For particularly early flights, It might be advisable to stay locally near the airport to ensure you are able to make your flight In good time.


It is advisable to give sufficient time in some destinations to allow for security checks and procedure which might be unusual or particularly time-consuming. In some locations, additional levies or taxes have to be paid in local currency or by payment card before check-in can commence. In any event, with all international travel, expect the unexpected and give sufficient time for your journey to allow for possible delays.


Travelorama will take all reasonable steps to notify customers of changes to bookings imposed by third-party suppliers but it remains the responsibility of the customer to check and confirm all changes directly with such third party suppliers.


You should take required travel insurance cover to cover the event of default (failure) by a third party supplier. Default, failure or otherwise of a third party Supplier is not a responsibility of Travelorama and liability is excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. Airlines can (and have) become insolvent without prior warning, transportation and accommodation providers are also vulnerable to failures and events outside of their control and you should take out insurance to mitigate such risks, and in placing an order you acknowledge and understand those risks.


Travelorama will, of course, assist all customers in such circumstances, but the customer acknowledges and undertakes to mitigate such risks themselves.

In the event that a change, cancellation or failure by third-party supplier leads you to require a refund, travelorama will assist you in recovering your funds in full from the third party supplier, subject to their terms and conditions, Travelorama reasonable costs for providing assistance for you. It is not possible for Travelorama to recover funds from third party provider and Travelorama will accept no liability for such failures. You are therefore strongly advised to ensure your trip against such risks at all times.




You must comply with all Third Party Supplier Terms of Supply, or you risk refusal of boarding, denial of entry or accommodation by such Third Party supplier. In such instances, Travelorama will not be liable where you breach such Third Party Supplier Terms of Supply.




You should ensure that you travel with all Required Documentation for your trip:


  • Carrying proof of booking (you should ensure that you have a copy of your booking confirmation, including any issued e-tickets)
  • Valid, non-damaged/defected passport: Some counties have specific immigration requirements that passports have at least 6, or even 12 months validity before the date of departure, require several free pages of passport documents or other requirements. Please take care to ensure that your passport expiry date meets the requirements of your destination country.
  • Any required visa documentation. Many destinations require a visa to gain entry. Customers are advised to contact the local embassy or high commission of the country they propose to visit to check current requirements. Always ensure you have sufficient time before your date of travel to obtain any necessary visa. In some instances, you might need a VISA for a country that you are transiting through- so please check local visa requirements for each segment of your journey. Customers are further reminded that they must travel to their destination using the current local visa type and traveling on business, emergency, investor type or diplomatic visa is likely to be illegal in the destination country and punishable by law. Under no circumstances does Travelorama accept liability however arising for the customer’s failure to meet such VISA requirements or travel document validity requirements imposed and varied from time to time.




Where Travelorama secures your booking with Third Party suppliers on the customer’s behalf before the customer settles the cost of the trip in full, the Customer must comply fully with the payment instructions informed by TRAVELORAMA and agreed with Travelorama, including any payment deadlines to settle the balance for the booking, which is 30 days after placing your order, unless otherwise agreed by Travelorama in writing (payment deadline), In the event that the Customer misses the Payment deadline, Travelorama may cancel the booking, forfeiting the full amount paid to date by the Customer.


Whilst Travelorama will take such reasonable steps and work with the Customer to avoid an event of a payment default by the Customer, It remains the responsibility of the Customer to comply with the Payment Deadline. Travelorama is under no circumstances arising, liable for the provision of services by Third Party Suppliers and excludes its liability (if such applicable) to the the fullest extent permitted by law.

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